Shiver me timbers! New all-in-one machine from Amba goes down well

Screw machine sets new benchmark

The timber construction.               photo: Anders Vestergaard Jensen/unsplash

Our engineers have enhanced the proven all-in-one machine to produce full-thread screws in lengths of up to 420 mm (16,5“) and with a diameter of 10 mm (0,4“). The new machine has also been equipped with an improved, more efficient drive and an overload clutch for greater work safety.

All-in-one machines from Amba form screws in a single unit: all process steps – from paying off, cutting and straightening of the wire to head forming and thread rolling to the discharge of the finished products – are performed on just one machine.

The new machine is the first in the world to form such long and thick screws in one pass. The parts do not have to be fed, clamped, machined and removed one after the other. It achieves a throughput of up to 80 fully threaded screws per minute and thus sets a new benchmark in the industry. Visitors were able to get an idea of this at the WIRE 2022 exhibition in Düsseldorf in June, where we presented the machine for the first time.

Head of Sales Georg Haas explains: “Timber houses are becoming more and more popular and the new all-in-one screw machine meets this trend. In 2021, the timber construction rate exceeded 20 per cent for the first time, and the trend is still rising.” This is certainly due to greater ecological awareness. But another reason is that a timber house is ready to move-in faster and is just as stable in value and long-lasting as a solid house if robust full-thread screws are used. This means that almost any type of house can be made from wood as a building material.

“Our all-in-one machines are modular in design and offer screw manufacturers maximum flexibility,” as Georg pledges. For example, the new machine allows the production of both fully and partially threaded screws with a high number of cycles and different lengths and thicknesses. “We configure the machines individually according to the customers’ requirements,” Georg Haas continues. Therefore, the new overload clutch can also be retrofitted to existing machines.

The first machine for the production of 420 mm long full-thread screws has already been delivered to a customer in Germany, and further orders have already been signed or are under negotiation.

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