From blank to finished product in one single set-up.

One of a kind: the all-in-one modular principle

All-in-one screw and bolt making machines

All-in-one spoke making machines

Tube forming machines

One of a kind:
the all-in-one modular principle

The all-in-one principle developed by AMBA has revolutionized the manufacturing of long screws and bolts. Whereas in the past the manufacturing processes relied on several individual machines which required cumbersome material handling and frequent intermediate storage, our machines today manufacture such long products in just one continuous process.

What makes our machines so special is the fact that all process steps take place within one single machine – everything from feeding the rod, upsetting of the screw and bolt heads, thread rolling all the way to the automated sorting of the finished products into transport boxes.

Due to the modular design of our machines, additional functions such as pinching of the tip, machining or milling of grooves, or turning and deburring of tube ends can be easily integrated.

As all process steps are mechanically coupled, highest process reliability is guaranteed.

One of our customers used to purchase screws from Asia. Now he produces the screws on one of our all-in-one machines. This has proved to be much more profitable for him.

Lars Henning Managing Director of AMBA

Dramatically reduced cycle times

High manufacturing capacity


Distinct productivity gains

Minimized internal logistics

Harmonized processes

Small footprint machines and little space requirement for intermediate storage

Highest productivity

The all-in-one principle – that is all manufacturing steps have been combined into one continuous process – provides substantial gains in productivity:

  • Everything takes place in one continuous process without any additional handling
  • Reduced HR requirements: one operator for one or two machines
  • No internal logistics
  • No moving of containers
  • No searching
  • Minimized inventories
  • No removal of pressing lubricants