All-in-one bolt making machines

Screws and bolts in length from 80 to 2,000 millimeters and more

All-in-one bolt making machines

The all-in-one screw making machines cover all manufacturing steps from cutting the input stock down to the sorting of the finished products. They are designed to produce screws or bolts in length from 80 to 2,000 millimeters or more. The maximum length depends the rod’s resistance to sagging.

AMBA is the only manufacturer in the world to design machines that produce this size of screws.

Being of modular design, the machines offer a great deal of flexibility. AMBA customizes its machines to individual specifications.

The multitalent

A single machine, consisting of harmonized components, can perform the following operations fully automatically:

  • Cutting of up to a 12 mm diameter rod
  • Pre-form and finish upsetting – also with spring-mounted tools
  • Punching of hexagons in two steps including burr removal
  • Reducing of diameters over lengths up to 100 mm and more
  • Pinching with pressing forces of up to 40 t
  • Thread rolling with rolling jaws down to TR 6 and up to 160 mm wide as standard 
  • Milling as an inline process
  • Sorting the finished products into transport boxes

As all machines are fitted with our proven horizontal transport system as standard, they can handle both items with and without head.

AMBA machines come with a pressing power strong enough to upset the heads of flat head screws during the running process.

Driven payoff reel

Our driven payoff reel with speed control ensures smooth feeding of rod into the machine. 


Rotary straightening unit

As an alternative to a roller straightener, we have developed a proprietary rotary straightening unit .

Controlled rod feeding

We use servo-motors to control the feeding of rod into our machines. In this way, we achieve length tolerances of +- 0.15 mm without recutting – that is without causing any scrap.