Spoke making machines

All production steps in one single unit.

All-in-one spoke making machines

For the manufacture of spokes and spoke nipples for bicycles and motorcycles, we offer all-in-one solutions including all processes from paying-off the rod down to the finished, threaded and bent spoke.

Like our screw and bolt making machines, our spoke making machines also combine all production steps in one single unit.

Spoke making machines

The current generation of our spoke making machines, SpM II, comes with a servo-motor controlled rod feeding unit, which cuts the rod at a tolerance of ± 0.05 mm. The production rate is infinitely adjustable up to a maximum of 300 spokes per minute.

Spoke presses

For customers producing blade spokes, i.e. spokes with a rectangular cross-section, we offer special machines which incorporate a spoke making machine and a spoke press. They operate with a pressing force of up to 250 t.

Spoke reducing machines

For the production of thick-end spokes with a smaller-diameter length in the middle and different diameters in the threaded and bent sections we offer special spoke reducing machines. The diameter reduction is performed either by reducing rolls (bicycle spokes) or by peening heads (motorcycle spokes).

Automatic nipple machines

These machines finish-machine nipple blanks. The blanks are automatically fed into the machine out of a collecting bin. The machining steps are arranged on an automatic index table in the sequence required in each individual case.

We also offer our machines complete with a head machining unit. Therefore, our automatic nipple machines include features such as reverse drilling and square milling units.

The machines can process about 90 items per minute.