AMBA - Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH

Special machinery par excellence

We design and manufacture special machinery and components for the metals processing industry.

With our products we cater to the specific needs of companies manufacturing cold-formed long products, such as bolts, spokes or tubes. We specialize in machinery that combines all processing steps from the input stock to the finished product within one integrated unit. 

Who we are

AMBA is an internationally renowned specialist manufacturer of machines used to cold-form long components.

What we offer

AMBA designs special machinery to produce bolts between 60 and 2,500 mm long as well as tubes and spokes with varying cross-sections over their length. 

Building on our know-how as a designer of special machinery, we also engineer and manufacture complex and sophisticated machine elements.

110 years of AMBA

Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH – generally referred to as “AMBA” – was founded in 1908, at a time when Aachen was worldwide famous for its high-quality needle production. The company has evolved into an internationally renowned builder of machines used to make cold-formed long metal components.

AMBA built its first spoke making machines more than 50 years ago. Our current bolt making machines originate from the design of those machines.

At its current headquarters in Alsdorf, AMBA employs 70 people in its development and design departments, in the workshops and in after-sales service.

With our all-in-one machines, we are the only manufacturer in the world to implement all process steps of long bolt and high-end spoke production within one single machine.

We are committed to providing our customers machines that simplify processes, enhance the quality of their products and generate significant profitability gains.

Thanks to our premium engineering and manufacturing assets, we have all it takes to implement innovations without delay and customize our products to any individual needs. Being a medium-sized, owner-managed business, our customers benefit from short decision-making processes.

We also use our specialist know-how and expertise to engineer and manufacture complex and sophisticated machine elements.

Numbers that speak for themselves:


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