We expand our production capacity

Further expansion with takeover of Metallbau Rech

Metallbau Rech
Expansion of production and assembly to former halls of Rech     Photo: AMBA

By taking over the company Metallbau Rech we create the basis for the further expansion of our company. Friedhelm Rech, who founded the company, will continue to be available to us as a consultant.

The operation on the property adjacent to our company allows us to expand the production of steel structures and the assembly of components in the existing hall with a size of more than 500 m².

This will enable us to further optimize processes in the new hall, which was recently put into operation and is already a bit cramped due to the pleasing order intake.

Contact person for all inquiries about the production program of the former company Metallbau Rech answers: Manfred Houben, phone 02404.551289-11, email:

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