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Georg Haas appointed as new Sales Manager

Successor to Manfred Houben

Manfred Houben (left side) and his successor as Sales Manager, Georg Haas (right)

With effect from 1 January 2022, Georg Haas is the new Manager Sales at Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH (Amba), succeeding Manfred Houben. Georg Haas is responsible for the complete range – including after-sales – of Amba’s All-in-One cold-forming machines designed for the production of special screws, tubes and spokes.

After graduating in mechanical engineering from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences with a major in structural design technology, Georg Haas worked for several years with a manufacturer of industrial cleaning systems. His responsibilities were initially in the design and project planning departments. Later, as a key account manager in the same company, he was responsible for one of the biggest international car producers.

Manfred Houben is going to retire in the next few months after 17 years as one of the Managing Directors of Amba. “In Georg Haas, we have found a sales expert who understands both our machines and the international sales business. With his profound technological know-how and many years of international expertise, he is the perfect fit for this position. He knows the ins and outs of the sales business in the investment goods sector and has a deep understanding of the added value that our machines provide to our customers.“


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Fig. 1: Georg Haas, Amba’s new Sales Manager

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Fig. 2: Manfred Houben (left side) and his successor as Sales Manager, Georg Haas (right)

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About AMBA

Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH – generally referred to as “Amba” – was founded in 1908, at a time when Aachen was famous worldwide for its high-quality needle production. Since then, the company has evolved into an internationally renowned manufacturer of machinery used to make cold-formed metal components.

Today, Amba specializes in equipment for the production of long and slender components with varying cross-sections, as screws between 60 and 2,500 mm long, and tubes and spokes.

The Amba All-in-One design has made the company worldwide the only supplier of machinery that can perform all steps needed to manufacture long and complex components continuously on just one machine. Everything from the feeding of the input stock – wire rod or tube blanks – all the way down to the finished, packaged product are handled by just one machine. This is unique in the industry.

At its headquarters in Alsdorf near Aachen, Amba employs 80 people in its development and design departments, in the workshops and in after-sales.


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