Tube forming machines

All-in-one machines for the production of cold-formed tubes with varying cross-sections

We use our all-in-one principle also for the production of cold-formed tubes: The complete process from turning of the tube ends to marking of the tube is performed fully automatically by one machine – without any reclamping or cumbersome handling.

Cold-formed tubes generally feature better strength properties than hot-formed ones and no material needs to be removed from the product, as for example in turning. This means that the finished tube has the same wall thickness over its entire length, even at the transitions between different cross-sections.

Albeit their thinner walls, cold-formed tubes made on the all-in-one machine are generally having the same mechanical properties as thicker-walled hot-formed tubes. The benefit: lower material costs and lower component weight.

Only AMBA is able to integrate cold forming and all its associated processes in one single machine.

An example: Shafts for car seats 

A customer has been using one of our machines to produce tubes in a combined hydraulic forming and machining process. The finished tubes feature six sections of three different diameters. The customer achieves tolerances of +/- 0.05 mm while dramatically reducing the handling effort.

The benefits at a glance

  • Throughput rate: 35 pieces per minute, which is more than ten times the throughput achieved with the previously applied conventional technique
  • Tube diameters of up to 50 mm
  • Automatic feeding out of a high-capacity storage system
  • Markedly reduced HR requirements
  • Distinctly lower tooling costs